Our trip to Rome

We travelled to Italy from 12th May to 17th May 2019. On Sunday we left France to Rome at 3p.m. We travelled all night and we arrived at 6a.m.

The food in Italy is very good. Each time we ate pasta for the first course, and meat for the main course with potatoes.

On Monday we visited the Vatican City including the Basilique St Pierre and the Sixtine Chapel. In the evening we discovered our hotel in Pavano. The hotel was great, there was a pool.

On Tuesday we visited the museum Leonardo DaVinci and the piazza del Popolo with the twin Churches. In the afternoon, we went to the Villa Borghese ; there was a crazy guy singing he was very funny and after that we did some shopping in Via Corso.  On Wednesday we went to the Coliseum and we had a walk in the forum, there were Roman ruins. It was raining and we were wet from head to foot ! On Thursday we went to the Trevi Fountain and we also visited the Pantheon and the church “ Saint-Louis des français”. We ate a pizza in a restaurant and there was an old man playing the accordion. We went back to France on Thursday night and we were back to Forbach on Friday at 12a.m.